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Want Me - SALE 99c

For a limited time WANT ME – Coopers Creek #3 is on sale for 99c!

The third book in USA Today bestselling author, Bronwen Evans’s flirty new contemporary romance series…Want Me deals with trust and having faith in the one you love.

Anna Spencer is over men. Besides, constantly running from a crazy, abusive ex makes having a meaningful romance impossible—even if it’s with a good guy. So why did fate send her handsome quirky millionaire Chase McIntyre as a client? He might be a playboy, but his eccentric behavior and huge heart show Anna that there’s more to him than meets the eye. Against her better judgment, she begins to fall for him.

Marketing genius and proud tree-hugger, Chase McIntyre lives for fun, but he’s dead serious about protecting his heart. Left sterile by a childhood disease, Chase knows that he’ll never have what he wants most—a family. He learned the hard way that shooting blanks is a deal-breaker for most women. He’ll never risk love again—that is until beautiful, wounded Anna enters his life. Chase begins earning Anna’s trust and falling for her—until she destroys him with three little words…

Want Me GR

Maria – 5 Stars Deserves more than 5 stars!! This is Book 3 in the Cooper Creek series and I have to say it is my favorite. I had been waiting for Chase McIntyre’s story and it definitely did not disappoint. (Goodreads)


Getting out of the car, she straightened her suit jacket and locked the car. She was getting used to the metal detector check and knew exactly where she was going. It was early, so maybe Chase would still be home.

His living room had barely registered the day he’d kissed her because she’d been so focused on him. It hadn’t been until later in the day that she’d realized he had an apartment in the building. That was certainly convenient because he didn’t have to worry about commuting.

When she got off the elevator on his floor, Anna had a sudden case of the jitters and she almost got back on the elevator. She fought it and won, knocking on the door before she could change her mind.

Lola barked on the other side of the door, making Anna smile. The door was opened by a middle-aged woman with black hair that was shot through with silver streaks. She peered at Anna with curiosity in her dark eyes.

“Can I help you?” she asked, as Lola pushed her way past to greet Anna.

“Hello. I’m Anna Spencer,” she said, petting Lola. “Chase is a client of mine and I came to discuss a project with him,” she said.

“Oh. Come on in. I’m Carla, Chase’s housekeeper and babysitter,” she said.

Anna stepped into the apartment. “You’re the second person I’ve heard say that he has to be watched.”

Carla snorted. “It’s a full-time job some days.  Make yourself comfortable. I’ll let him know that you’re here.”

“Thank you.”

Anna walked over to the plush black sofa and sat down. A huge TV hung on the wall to the left and a stereo system sat under it. There was also a couple of different gaming systems and a large laptop set up. Lola jumped up on the couch by her and gave her a doggie kiss.

Anna laughed. “Are you allowed up here?  Don’t worry. I won’t tell on you.”

Lola flopped down and rolled over, inviting Anna to scratch her belly.

“Does your tummy itch?”  Anna rubbed Lola’s stomach.

Carla returned. “He’ll be out shortly. He’s in the shower. I have to get going. It was nice to meet you.”

“You, too, Carla. Have a good day,” Anna said.

“Same to you.”

With Carla gone, Anna felt awkward being in Chase’s place while he was in the shower. What did he look like completely naked?  Desire surged through her as she looked around at the modern yet cozy décor. Another couch that matched the one where she was seated sat on the other side of a black coffee table. A matching love-seat created the last side of the rectangular grouping. It was a gorgeous place with recessed lighting and beautiful paintings depicting more seascapes.

She was distracted from looking around when she heard Chase singing. She couldn’t quite make out the song, so she got up and started walking towards the sound. Passing through a big, beautiful dining room, she entered a stunning kitchen that was clean, but obviously well-used. It was so different from the living room and dining room in that it looked more like a farmhouse kitchen.

Anna was close enough to the bathroom now to recognize that Chase was singing Firecracker by Josh Turner. Sneaking down a hall, she followed his voice until she was just outside what must be the bathroom. This is so wrong. I shouldn’t do this. Just one little peek. She poked her head around the open doorway and instantly her body was flooded with heat.

Chase stood behind a huge glass wall under a shower unlike any she’d ever seen. It was more like a waterfall and water cascaded down over Chase’s muscular body. She couldn’t tear her gaze away from him as he glided a soapy mesh scrubber over his skin.

She followed his hands down over his chest and stomach and lower to his hips and thighs, which were as tan as the rest of him. Only his package and a thin strip of skin around his pelvis were slightly lighter in color.

Something cold and wet touched Anna’s hand. She jumped and let out an involuntary cry. Lola pressed against her, wanting more attention. Anna’s heart raced with fear. Had Chase heard her?

“If that’s you Anna, you’re early. But you’re more than welcome to come in here.”

Shit!  I’m so stupid!  And I’m in so much trouble. He’s trouble with a capital T.


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