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Top Ten Reasons I Love Christmas

The holiday season is finally upon us, and I can’t wait to start celebrating (The red tree in the picture is a Pohutukawa, the NZ Christmas tree). What’s not to love about office Christmas parties, present shopping, the lights, trees, and the good will amongst men. There is no better time of the year, even more so for those of us down-under because it’s SUMMER.

I love the warm weather and the fact it’s holiday time for most kiwis. I love walking the dogs before sunrise because it’s too hot otherwise. Swimming during the day to cool down. The barbecues at night are wonderful. I get to eat loads of fresh meat, fish, and salads. And what makes it extra special is that family and friends all get together and everyone’s spirits are lifted.

Here is a list of my top 10 best things about the holiday season! How many are on your list?

Copy your list into the comments below and go in the draw to win an eBook copy of Christmas in Kilts: Highland Holiday Boxed Set.  Drawn 16th December (open internationally).


1. Christmas Trees: There is nothing more exciting than picking out a tree (either real or fake as it has to be for me and my allergies) and gathering around with people you love to add all the lights and ornaments. It brightens up anyone’s day.

2. Lights: Walking around and seeing all the pretty lights can make anyone smile. On the marine parade in Napier they string lights in the trees. Everything just glistens more during this season.

3. Vacation Time: Whether you are a student anticipating a to summer break (because finals are just torture), or in the real world waiting for time off from work, vacation time is always welcomed.

4. Ornaments: The holiday decorations are everywhere, and the cute knick-knacks add the best cheer and I LOVE spending time in the Christmas shop buying the new baubles to go on the tree each year, or getting out the boxes from last year and hoping nothing has been broken.

5. Christmas Parties: There are so many parties during this season! Everyone wants an excuse to stand under mistletoe, drink spiked eggnog, and spread the cheer. I have my Romance Writers Hawkes Bay group Christmas lunch on Sunday!

 6. Ugly Christmas outfits and daring our friends to wear them. I have a Santa’s hat, friends have Santa ties, but this suit beats them all.

7. Christmas Stockings: Stockings are pretty awesome, but what I love is picking up all the little gifts to put in them. Things like a new Christmas decoration or a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

8. Guilt Free Treats: This is one of the few seasons where treats are abundant, and there are no limits to how many candy canes, gingerbread men, or pavlova and strawberries you can eat.

9. Mistletoe: Is there any better excuse to bump into that special someone under some mistletoe? Where’s Hugh Jackman when you need him?

10. Presents: The holidays shouldn’t be about the presents, but we all secretly love getting them. How can anyone not look forward to unwrapping a gift and being surprised? You know what’s even better, giving a present you know someone will be chuffed to receive. A present that makes them smile or cry happy tears.

Now what are your top 10 favourite things about Christmas? Remember, share below and go in the drawn to win a copy of Christmas in Kilts.

And if you want some reading for the holidays – Click here for a FREE copy of LOVE ME (Coopers Creek book #1)

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Patricia Schuette
Patricia Schuette
4 years ago

1) Seeing family! 2) The decorations 3) Opening presents both given and received 4) The music 5) Hopefully snow 6) parties 7) The children’s faces 8) parades 10) Going to church!

Heather Cuva
Heather Cuva
4 years ago

Spending time with family, Christmas tree, light, decorations, the music, giving presents, parties, the smiles on kids faces, baked goodies, and snow

Louise Risser
Louise Risser
4 years ago

Chruch, trees, lights, family meals, the spirit of the season,parades, presents, tv specials, Christmas movies, the Christmas carols. And my list is not in any order.

4 years ago

family, music, pie, presents, lights, snow, parties, baking, decorations, trees

4 years ago

What I love about the Christmas season is: 1) More reason to blow off reality and spend more time with friends and family. 2) Most people are generally kinder this time of year and it help re-instill my faith in humanity. 3) Christmas trees 4) Christmas lights 5) Hot chocolate with a kick on a cold night. 6) Tanglewood Festival of Lights, it’s here in NC, it IS totally awesome. Just under 5 miles of some amazing lighting displays. 7) Just sitting in my living-room watching the lights in the dark. 8) Watching the sky on a cold night. The… Read more »

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