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A study completed in Switzerland has learned that the male body part most women stare at the longest is…, get your mind out of the gutter—it’s a man’s stomach. I know, I would have thought biceps, pecs, or something sweet like their eyes.

Doctors from Geneva University Hospitals asked male and female volunteers to look at 120 photographs of people in swimsuits – and to rate those of the opposite sex for sexual desire.

The research found that both sexes spent longer looking at the body than at the face.

But women looked at the abdomens of the men more extensively than the chest or pectoral region, which was in turn viewed more than the genital area. Females also homed in on the abdomen longer and more frequently than males.

You can probably guess what area the men stared at the most—yip, the chest area.

Scientists are suggesting that the male abdomen may be a visible marker of testosterone levels. They think that large amounts of belly fat may be linked to low levels of the hormone, which may be associated with a reduced sex drive.

Do you think we know that when we check out a hot guy?

I must admit that a man’s smile, especially if he has nice, kind eyes is a turn on for me, but I’m sure I’d do a double take if Mr. Ripped and Muscled cruised by. 

Sigh, that’s why I’m very partial to Philip Winchester. He has a kill me smile coupled with a hot body.

I have to say it’s very rare for us to mix with shirtless men every day of the week, so I’m suspecting it’s the eyes or smile that we are attracted to most of the time. What attracts you to a man? Who is your latest hottie?


OMG – this is so true. I still refer to this man a girlfriend, Derryn, and I saw when we were on holiday in Andorra many years ago as the ‘man’ to marry. He was 6 foot 4 inches of HOTNESS, handsome as sin, and he had his little girl on his shoulders and he was proudly holding his wife’s hand as they strolled through Andorra.
If you’ve been to Andorra you know it’s just one main street in a hilly town on the border between France and Spain.
At one stage, they stopped to look in a shop window and he drew her hand to his lips and kissed it  SIGH. 
Derryn and I still look at each other when a good looking guy passes by, and we both go ‘Andorra Man! We measure all men against the Andorra sexy as hell ‘family’ man.
I tried to go through my travel photo’s to find a picture of him but I couldn’t find one. So I found one that is his likeness.
My favorite TV family man is RICHARD CASTLE. I love the relationship he has with his daughter and his mother.
I guess that’s why I loved writing Philip Flagstaff, Earl of Cumberland in A LOVE TO REMEMBER. He treats Rose’s son, Drake, like his own, and it’s obvious he loves the little boy. You have to admire him for that.
Who do you measure all men against? I suspect for most of you it will be your partner/husband!!!! And I think that is wonderful.
Post a picture of your Andorra Man…