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ReluctantWife 500px e1547002679639All Things Italian! 

Only until 14 January 2019, THE RELUCTANT WIFE is on sale for 99cUS. Read my first contemporary romance and Winner of the 2013 RomCon Readers Crown – category/series romance. Set in Italy, it’s a second chances story about Abby and her Conte, Dante Lombardi. 

You’ll find the buy links on my website page.

For a young girl from New Zealand, I don’t know when my love of all things Italian started. Maybe I do, on my visit trip to Italy, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

We kiwi’s have a right of passage, what we call our BIG O.E. (overseas experience). Being located at the bottom of the world sees most of us finish university and take off to explore the world.

I have to admit that while growing up in New Zealand, I’d never really thought much about Italy. I knew I wanted to go to England where my grandparents came from. I also knew I wanted to visit the Greek Islands (after watching the movie Shirley Valentine), and of course France with the south of France and Monte Carlo, and the romantic vineyards etc. but Italy?

You see I was definitely not a ‘fashionista’ (we’ll come back to that later) growing up. I was a typical tomboy. I loved riding and playing sports. I don’t think I owned a lipstick until I had finished school.

I was also not a classics student. I went down the math, accounting, and chemistry route. So I hadn’t studied art history or Greek or Roman history and stories etc. I wish I had now.

However, the minute I stepped onto Italian soil my world changed. It is still my favorite country in the world to visit, and I have traveled to every corner of the globe from Africa to Russia to Europe/UK to North America etc.

I fell in love with the history, the architecture, the weather, the scenery, the food, the wine, the tuscanvillaclothes and their love of beauty, and of course the men. New Zealand men are ‘she’ll be right’ blokes who never show an emotion (okay a generalization) but Italian men are full of passion and to them words of love roll easily off the tongue. The Latin flare…

I was twenty-five years old when I first visited Italy. On my first night in Rome, I had the most gorgeous Italian man, who looked like a model out of GQ magazine (there are a lot of gorgeous men in Italy if you like tall, dark, and handsome), get down on bended knee by the Trevi Fountain to hand me a red rose. He spouted Italian at me asking me to marry him. Did men really do this? I was in a world I had never experienced before, and I have to say I liked it!

After my first visit (and I have been back many, many times), I could not get enough of anything Italian. I fell in love with Prada, Armani, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana etc. Brands that weren’t available in New Zealand when I was young. I’m also car mad, and if I won lotto a Porsche Carrera would be top of my list. I took to pasta and gelato like it was a drug (my hips did not thank me), and I became fascinated with the classics.

trevifountainOver several visits I explored the Amalfi Coast (and Pompeii), Rome, the Coliseum, the Vatican and Hadrian’s Villa. Venice and the canals. Verona and the miniature Coliseum. Lake Como and its tunnels. Sienna for the cuteness. Milan and it’s fashion houses, and of course Florence and the leaning Tower of Pisa. But there is so much more in-between.


So, is it any wonder that I chose to set the very first contemporary romance I chose to write in my favorite place—Tuscany. My first contemporary hero is a gorgeous Italian, Conte Dante Lombardi and he is based on the man I met at the Trevi Fountain. His heroine is Abby, an English girl who was also swept off her feet by the romance of the man and his country, and then had to face the fallout.

I let my imagination run free, calling on my memories of my favorite places and Italian experiences. So when you read THE RELUCTANT WIFE you’ll see the places and experiences that made me fall in love with the country.

Don’t they say Italian is the language of love? Well Italy oozes romance. If you get the chance to visit do so, and expect to fall in love with the country. If you can’t get there, perhaps THE RELUCTANT WIFE can give you a taste and set your imagination soaring.

What is the one place you’d love to visit in Italy, or have visited, and why? I must admit to loving Lake Como and that was before George Clooney bought a Villa there! Leave a comment and enter the draw to win a copy of Love Me, Coopers Creek #1 my second contemporary. 

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5 years ago

Rome for the sights

Colleen C.
Colleen C.
5 years ago

I have always wanted to visit Sicily… my maternal great grandfather came from there… would like to trace my roots.

Maria Celeste Seminara
Maria Celeste Seminara
5 years ago

Hi, just read your blog, and I’ve been to every place you mentioned plus more. I was born in Italy, but moved to Montreal, Canada many years ago, with my parents and older sister. Italy is an amazing place, it takes your breath away. I’m glad that you love Italy.

Joye I
Joye I
5 years ago

I would love to return to the Isle of Capri-I really enjoyed that part of Italy.

I can see why you set your book in Italy- it is beautiful. I have added the book to my TBR list.

Jackie Wisherd
Jackie Wisherd
5 years ago

I visited Italy so many years ago but would like to return. Florence was one of my favorite places for all the art, museums, cafes and people.

Eileen AW
Eileen AW
5 years ago

Just this past October I visitied Italy for my first time. My hubby had been there before. We were part of a tour group and walked between 2 & 5 miles daily. We started in Rome, then we went to Volterra where I fell in love with the history and landscape. I also understood the appeal of small town living. We then made a stop in Luca before going to Cinque Terre. I can’t remember seeing water that blue and clear outside of the Caribbean. We ended our tour in Florence. Our tour guide was an art history major so we learned much about the artwork. My husband and I are ready to return whenever we can.

Carol Luciano
Carol Luciano
5 years ago

My grandparents & many relatives came from Calabris so I’d like to visit but definitely the Almalfi Coast & Rome.

Carol Luciano
Carol Luciano
5 years ago
Reply to  Carol Luciano

Oops, Calabria

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