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Reader Interviews - Kimberly Rocha

kimberlyRochaI thought it would be nice to interview some readers for a change, and Kimberly Rocha agreed to be my first interviewee. I met Kimberly at this years RT Book Lovers Convention in New Orleans. What a wonderful lady, and she also happens to love my books!

Tell us a bit about yourself, where you live, what you do etc

Hi Bronwen

Thanks for having me. Well, I live on Long Island, NY. I have 3 awesome kids, Gabrielle (25), Jason (17) and Daniel (13). I started out as a freelance photographer, and then later I started a book club and blog because of my love for Romance Novels. Now I very happily work for and, helping authors promote their work and helping readers and authors connect. Oh… and I also write a super awesome column for Romance@Random on Western Romance.

I know you’re a romance reader but share with us what you read and why? Do you read Books or eBooks predominantly? How many books a week would you read?

When I was in grade school and beyond, I was a voracious reader of horror and suspense novels. I stopped reading when my daughter was born because I simply had no time. In 2008, I began reading romance and once I started, I couldn’t stop. I just love the HEA’s, the awesome alpha males and the strong heroines. I read both eBook and print, but I am going to say that I now prefer eBook because, face it, the older I get, the harder it is to read that small print. I read close to 4 books a week, sometimes more if I’m on a good roll.

Who are some of your favorite authors and have you met any of them? If so where?

Wow, my list of favorite authors is so eclectic. This is a tough one because I love so many. Ok, Lara Adrian, because she brought me into the world of paranormal romance. Delilah Marvelle and dare I say Bronwen Evans for my Regency favorites? Bertrice Small. B.J. Daniels, Kat Martin, Patricia Rasey, Carolyn Brown and Beth Williamson are among my LONG list. I have been very lucky to have met each author and so many more on this list. I started going to signings several years ago. #RWA11 was my very first large scale signing and I loved it. Bertrice Small lives on Long Island and I just wrote her an email about how I have the book club and we would love to meet her. Several members of the book club drove out to Eastern Long Island, last Fall and we had dinner with her. I also invite authors over for book club all the time. Hey, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Do you like interacting with authors and if so why, what platforms—FB, Twitter?

I love all the interaction with authors on Social Media. It really lets a reader feel like they have made a friend when an author responds to them. We feel invested in that author and want to help make the author’s books do well. I have FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and I try to use them all. I also have my blog where I try to spotlight authors. I find that Facebook is the most comfortable forum though. It’s easy and practically everyone I know is there.

What book/eBook are you reading right now and are you enjoying it? Why did you decide to read it?

I just finished an ARC of Hannah Howell’s IF HE’S DARING.. I enjoyed that VERY much. I love Hannah Howell’s books. I am just starting Grace Burrowes THE TRAITOR.. I loved the first book in that series, THE CAPTIVE. I was really in the mood for some historicals after reading a bunch of Western. I always read the blurb for a book. That helps me decide.

How do you decide on which books to read? How do you find new authors to read?

It really depends on what mood I am in. Some days, I just really want a great cowboy read, others I want a Regency. Then I browse through Goodreads and Amazon and see what’s new or exciting. I am very lucky. I get recommendations from my author friends and my book club ladies. I usually take their recommendations to heart

A Kiss of Lies by Bronwen EvansWhat are your favorite books of all time (as many as you like)?

  1. A Dangerous Love by Bertrice Small (I threw that book across the room a few times)
  2. Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian (My very first Alpha male love! Tegan)
  3. Deadly Game by Christine Feehan (gut-wrenching)
  4. The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie (just amazing)
  5. A Kiss of Lies by Bronwen Evans (Brilliant)
  6. The Circle Eight: Brody by Beth Williamson writing as Emma Lang
  7. Long, Hot Texas Summer by Carolyn Brown (love for 40-somethings)
  8. Viper: Sons of Sangue by Patricia A. Rasey (brought me back to paranormal)
  9. The Cowboy’s Destiny by Marin Thomas (such a great story)
  10. Sweet Madness by Heather Snow (intelligent heroine)

There are so many more….

Anything else you’d like to share or tell us about?

I want to thank everyone for always supporting my efforts, whether it is the book club, my blog or my newest endeavors with and I truly do appreciate everyone. As a reader, I do applaud authors for all they do for us. I personally know how you all put your heart and soul into a book and I do respect and admire you all for it. Reading romance has made me a happier person and found me friends who share the same love. I will forever treasure that.

Quick Fire Round

  1. Tall, dark and handsome or something else?

All of the above…

  1. Virgin or non-virgin heroine?

Don’t shoot me, Virgin heroine

  1. Lord of the realm or local hero?

Oh, good one… I think it depends on the story, but I lean towards the Lords

  1. Sensual or Sweet?


  1. Dark and gritty or funny and flirty?

Dark and gritty, for sure… so much more interesting

  1. Favorite food when reading?Invitation to Passion by Bronwen Evans

Peanut M&M’s… yes I am bad

  1. Favorite drink when reading?

Coffee, so I can stay up till the birds start singing

  1. Favorite place to read or is it anywhere?

Anywhere, but usually my sofa

  1. Favorite hero?

Lord Ian MacKenzie from The Madness of Sir Ian MacKenzie. A hero with autism! LOVE HIM

  1. Favorite heroine?

Hands down, Skye O’Malley from Bertrice Small’s Skye O’Malley saga.


Thanks for sharing with us today, Kimberly!

Share with me your favorite hero and heroine and I’ll give one commenter a copy of INVITATION TO PASSION my latest release.

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Irma Jurejevčič
Irma Jurejevčič
9 years ago

These two are my favourite for a while now: Lizzie Carlisle and Devlin Kimball, Lord Strathmore from Devil Takes a Bride writen by Gaelen Foley <3.
Great interview!I loved it! Well I also love virgin heroines, Kimberly 🙂 And if he says after You.Are.Mine… oh, this just gets to me every time 🙂
I really hope to win this book, I would love to read it and own it. I have it on my TBR list already 🙂
Thank you so much.

Sandy Dillon
Sandy Dillon
9 years ago

Great interview! It’s not often the shoe is on the other foot!

Margie Hager
Margie Hager
9 years ago

Great interview. I’ve known Kimberly for a couple of years now and I have to say that you won’t find a bigger supporter of authors than Kim.

9 years ago

I loved the interview, Kim is such a nice lady and she recommends some good books to read, also some new authors for me to read for I love red a lot and its nice to find new authors and she got me started reading historical westerns with romance which I never thought I would like! One of these days I’d like to meet Kim for she seems like a lot of fun to be around and sit around and talk.

Sharlene Wegner
Sharlene Wegner
9 years ago

I read both historical & contemporary (including cowboys!) and it is really hard to pick a favorite. I will say Lila & Brady in Jill Shalvis’ Animal Magnetism. I have reread that book a few times so far.

Sarah Gose
Sarah Gose
9 years ago

I prefer the historicals…love Highlanders, Regencies, stories of the Revolutionary War. My most memorable couple is probably Devon and Andre Raveneau from Cynthia Wright’s Silver Storm. I’d love to be able to read Invitation To Passion.

Kimberly Rocha
Kimberly Rocha
9 years ago

Thanks so much for having me on your blog Bron. It was so much fun and it gave me a greater appreciation of all you authors do with having to write and promote your books! Interviews can be hard!


Pat Sheppard
Pat Sheppard
9 years ago

This is a great interview. Nut Kim forgot to mention that every year she shost a NNQ in Long Island for her friends and family to allow them to meet some of their favorite authors. Authors from all over have come to spend this weekend meeting their fans. It if filled with good food, conversation, raffles and lots of fun.

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