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Interview with a Rogue....

Whisper of Desire by Bronwen EvansA Whisper of Desire, book #4 in my Disgraced Lords series released on 1 December 2015. This is Maitland’s story. Maitland Spencer, the Duke of Claymore, the ‘Cold Duke’ as he was called, is now happily married. I invited him to pop by and have a chat. I want to find out how he is enjoying married life with Marisa.

I thought Maitland was handsome, of course he is if he’s one of my heroes, but when he popped by to chat yesterday I must admit that he looked good enough to eat. He reminded me of Hugh Jackman in the movie Kate and Leopold. I do love a man in riding boots and tight breeches, and guess what Maitland’s wearing as he takes a seat opposite me?

Bron: Welcome, Your Grace. I’m flattered you’d take time from your busy day to chat with me.

Maitland: You introduced me to Marisa, so I owe you everything.

Bron: (blushing): I knew you’d be perfect for each other. You’ve know Marisa most of her life. When did you first notice her in a romantic way?

Maitland: Marisa was always on a list of suitable ladies to become my duchess but mainly because she ridingbootswas my best friend’s sister and I knew her pedigree. The night I kissed her at Lady Dunmire’s ball was the first time I noticed her as a man notices a woman.

Bron: Then of course you woke up naked in a bed next to her. What was your first thought?

Maitland (a big grin is now on his face): A man could do much worse. Then of course I realised we must have been placed there and I was more worried about escaping our enemies clutches.

Bron: You weren’t upset that you’d have to marry her?

Maitland: Upset? No. Perhaps worried is a better term.

Bron: Worried? What about?

Maitland (blushing): You’d best read the book to find out.

Bron: That’s mean! (pause but no more words from His Grace) Okay some quick fire questions:

  1. favorite hobby – I don’t have much time for hobbies but I read every night
  2. favorite drink – Brandy, whiskey if I’m stressed
  3. favorite color – Blue like Marisa’s eyes
  4. favorite item of clothing – my cravat. I love the way Marisa pulls it from my neck when she’s undressing me
  5. Do you prefer town or country – country as I have Marisa all to myself and away from prying eyes

Bron: Thank you for visiting with me today. Give my love ot Marisa. And good luck with finding your villain.

Maitland: Villainess. We have a very good lead on her identity. You know finding her is personal to me due to Marisa’s injury?

Bron: I do. Good luck in your hunt, and Merry Christmas.



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Kimberly Rocha
6 years ago

AWESOME!!! Thanks for the wonderful insight!

6 years ago

Nice to see he’s so happy! Looking forward to the demise of the villainess.

Leah Bartel
Leah Bartel
6 years ago

Oh Bronwen, this piece is awesome! I do happen to like Maitland and Marisa and their story.
You truly bring your hero and heroine to life. I cannot wait for the next book. Wishing you he best this Holiday season.

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