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Want to know more about Bron or writing. If the answer is not here email Bron at romance(at)bronwenevans(dot)com.

How did you get your agent?

I met my current agent, Sarah Younger, at the RT Book Lovers Convention. I immediately clicked with Sarah; she’s very professional, is an editing agent, and most importantly she loves my work. She offered representation and I accepted.

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How long did it take from the time you received an offer from the publisher until you saw your first book in print?

Kensington made the offer on January 2010…and my book hit the shelves on February 22, 2011. There wasn’t much editing to do…it just takes that long. Because I sold my first completed book, I didn’t have another one completed, so there is a bit of a gap until my second book was released in April 2012. Now I have nine books released and another five under contract.

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How much input did you have in the name of the book, the cover art, the release date, the back cover copy, the pricing of the book and whether or not it became an e-book?

Luckily my current publisher, Random House Loveswept, includes me in all decisions on the book, title, back cover blurb, cover etc. I think that works best because the author understands the story better than anyone.

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How are advances paid?

I think this varies according to publisher and probably according to individual contracts. This is why it pays to have a great agent!

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What do you think of self-publishing?

I’m self-publishing, mainly to fill the gap between my traditionally published novels. Like anyone producing a product, you have to evaluate all distribution channels. I’m not saying I’m leaving the traditional publishing model but I shall explore all avenues open to me to build my career. However, I’m very pleased I took the traditional path to publication as it has given me great exposure and other promotional opportunities. Random House Loveswept helped me hit the USA Today Bestsellers list.

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What is your favorite part of writing a book?

Plotting the book. I always say writing my books is 1/3 plotting, 1/3 writing, and 1/3 editing. I do extensive plotting before I start to write.

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When you’re world-building, how do you get all the backstory into the reader’s brain without info dumping for the first chapter?

Because I write a first draft, I simply write everything down, including back-story, in the editing process I strip it all back and feed it through the book.

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What was your call story like?

It was awesome. I got a very early morning call from Megan Records, editor at Kensington Publishing in New York, telling me they loved Invitation to Ruin and they wanted to buy the book. I was shaking when I finished the call. Then I called my mum!

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I’m a new writer and am wondering how to get started.

Sit down and write something. That’s the most important thing.  Then, join a writer’s group (I like Romance Writer’s of America), take some writing classes, and find a critique group or partner.  Good luck!

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What do you think of writer’s conferences?

I love them. I’m not the most social of people, yet in a group of writers I feel pretty comfortable. And I LOVE workshops, I always learn something new. The cocktail parties are fun and I enjoy seeing my online friends in person. Did I mention I LOVE the workshops? I’ve been late to more than one cocktail party because I just had to squeeze in one more workshop.

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Why have you decided to write both contemporaries and historical romances?

LOL! Because I have the characters in my head and I have to write them down. I read across all genres so it’s not surprising that I’d want to write in other genres too. I even have a paranormal romance floating around in my head. Gosh, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

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