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Copy Editing & Proof Reading

I definitely need copy-editing/proofing on any book I write. I’m slightly dyslexic and my sentence structures often need correcting. 

Leigh Kaye (my sister, teacher and avid romance reader) is a fabulous proofreader. She is the person you use for a final read-through to pick up those mistakes your editor and copy-editor may have missed. She charges $250NZ ($165US) for a PROOFREAD. Contact Leigh here.

As for copy-editing or line editing, I use two fabulous editors: Angela Bissell or Ray Collet. Angela has loads of experience garnered from writing for HMB and doing a diploma in editing. And Ray has a Masters in Creative Writing.

If you need copy editing services they can help.


(NZ$ where $1NZ = $0.68US so $100NZ is $68US approximately)

The charges can be anywhere from $200NZ to $1000NZ depending on the length and ‘cleanness’ of the manuscript. I suggest you start by submitting the first one-two chapters of your manuscript and they can do a FREE copy-edit and provide an overall price.

You’ll need to tell them in your email:

  1. How long the book is i.e. how many words
  2. When you require the manuscript back
  3. And how you like to work and what you are expecting from them.

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