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Blurb (Back Cover) Edit

I belong to Love Historicals group and I helped two of the ladies with their blurbs or back cover copy. They then asked me if they could pay me to re-write all their blurbs. I realized there is a copy-writer skill in writing appealing, engaging and call to action blurbs that makes a reader buy or at least read the sample.

In terms of selling your eBook, in this very crowded market, there are three things that work to sell the book.

1. a fabulous cover

2. a call to action or tantalizing blurb

3. your sample chapters – the first 10% of the book

All of these need to be tight and engaging.

I have a marketing degree and blurbs and queries come easy to me. Writing the story takes a bit more work!

I offer to edit and re-write, or help you rewrite your blurb for $100NZ ($68US). This gives you 5 iterations with me as you will know your story better than I.

Email me if you think I can help…

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