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I’m a USA Today Best Selling author, whose very first book was bought by Kensington Publishing in 2010. Since then I have hit the USA Today list three times, won the RomCon Readers Crown three times(two for a historical and one for a contemporary), and was a Romantic Times Readers’ Choice Nominee for Best First Historical. I know how to tell a story. I write for Random House USA and UK – Loveswept/Rouge, and I self-publish. My first self-published book, To Dare the Duke of Dangerfield was a Top 5 Finalist in the Kindle Book Review Indie Romance Book of the Year.

One thing being a traditionally published author has taught me is the benefit and need of a good editor and copy-editor. The rise of self-publishing has not changed that. I am still traditionally published, but I also self-publish and I use editors and copy-editors.

What’s the difference, I hear you ask? The chart at the bottom of the page may help.

I offer a developmental edit, along the lines of what an editor at any publishing house does for an author.

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I edit and re-write back cover blurbs.

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Recommendations for fabulous editors to help with copyediting and proofreading.

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Understanding Book Editors

Who you need and when you need them.

A Developmental Editor

What they do: Looks at the “Big Picture.” They focus on things like plot, character development, theme, point of view, etc.

When you need them: If you want guidance writing your story, or when you’ve finished a draft and want to know if it “works” or not.

A Line Editor

What they do: Focuses on writing style and voice, pointing out awkward phrasing, unnecessary repetition, telling vs. showing, passive voice, dialogue, and flagging any inconsistencies.

When you need them: You know your draft is structurally sound and “works.”

A Copyeditor

What they do: Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. They will address commonly confused words as well as ensure consistency with capitalization, hyphenation, and numerals.

When you need them: Your draft works, and your prose has been polished.

A Proofreader

What they do: Make sure your book is as error-free as possible. They check the “proof copy” for typographical editors as well as look for layout and page number problems.

When you need them: The book is formatted for print or digital publication.


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Bron’s books are also available from Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, and Amazon Australia. Some titles are also available in Deutsch and Español.

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