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Diamonds are a girl's best friend

My birthstone is diamond. I have to say I have never bought myself any diamonds but if I did I’d love a pink diamond. Pink is a color I love because it suits me. I wear a lot of pink—pink shirts, pink lipstick, pink handbags, pink shoes etc. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you pink is my favorite color. But when I saw this picture of a pink diamond ring, suddenly I thought perhaps owning some diamonds would not be a bad thing.

Then I learned that pink diamonds are one of the rarest stones in the world. Very few people have ever had the opportunity to even see a pink diamond in person, and even fewer have the opportunity of ever owning a pink diamond in their own diamond jewelry collection. Pink diamonds are mostly mined in the Argyle Mine in Australia. So close but still so far….

One of the most well known pink diamonds in the world today is called Darya-I-Nur. It is one of the biggest diamonds in the world. It has a rose color to it. The exact size of the stone is uncertain because it’s been set in a brooch for over one hundred years. Another popular pink/rose colored diamond is the Conde Pink which was once owned by Louis XIII. The weight of this particular pink diamond totals over 9 carats. You also have the Agra diamond, which is a natural colored light red/pink diamond that was cut down from an original weight of 32 carats but was reduced in size down to 28 carats when it was cut into a cushion shape after a sale in 1990.

Unfortunately, most colored diamonds, including pink diamonds, hold or increase in value. So the likelihood of me ever owning one might just depend on me winning lotto! Never fear, I’ll have my next hero buy one for my heroine. I love being a writer, and fulfilling some of my dreams through my characters.

What is your birthstone, and if you could own any ring in the world, what stone would it be?

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