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Category: News

Romance Writers of New Zealand (RWNZ) is looking for READERS ONLY to judge the KORU Contest entries. That means you can’t also be an author.

The Koru is the Romance Writers of New Zealand Published Authors contest for full Books (40,000 to 100,000 words) or novellas (25,000 to 40,000). Only New Zealand and Australian authors can enter this contest but their books are published worldwide. We have authors such as Nalini Singh, Leanna Morgan, Serenity Woods, Natalie Anderson, Emily Larkin and more…

If you enjoy reading romance novels across all genres, and are happy to judge in the Koru Award then please sign up. You will be expected to judge a minimum of 3 books within a 30-60 day period, you can read more if you want. The books are delivered in PDF format so international readers are welcome.

If you’d like to help select the New Zealand romance book of the year, please sign up by clicking this link:


Gosh a blast from the past! 

My first contemporary romance THE RELUCTANT WIFE (WINNER of the RomCon Readers Crown Category/Series 2013) is on SALE from my publisher for 99cents for a limited time.















Abby Taylor walked out on her irresistible husband three years ago. Now she has no choice but to return to Italy to ask him for a favor. To pay for her grandmother’s heart operation she needs his money, but it comes with strings attached.

Conte Dante Lombardi has it all–an Italian villa, a successful family business, and a noble title. But he needs a child to carry on his legacy and time is running out. He also hopes to satisfy the desire Abby rouses in him. As Abby uncovers why he’s in such a hurry for a child, she falls in love with him again … just as she realizes it might be impossible to keep her end of the deal.






During the Regency period people celebrated Valentine’s Day by exchanging hand made cards with heartfelt versus inside. Often made with cloth and lace, it was the thought that counted. Of course the poets of the day had many of their poems copied too! 

I love the idea of handmade cards. Paper was a luxury item in this era so many had to save for the special day. So I suppose, like today, in a way it was about the money.

No mention can be found of cards exchanged between married couples. The giving of cards remained between single adults and went across all classes. The upper class also embraced the practice of Valentine’s Day turning a blind eye to exchanged of cards in a era when letters between unmarried ladies and men was deemed scandalous.

Here’s a love lorn note that Clary made for Helen – A DREAM OF REDEMPTION 

You told me that you needed me

That we could face any opposition

To know I have your heart

Our love becomes my mission

You say that you love me

And that you truly care

But it’s I who pledge my heart

Forever it will be yours

I promise we will never part

No matter what life has in store

Because as you tell me every day

Love Truely Conquers All

A forbidden love and a chilling mystery tease the senses in this sensuous historical romance from the USA Today bestselling author of A Kiss of Lies and A Love to Remember.

Bookish and independent Lady Helen Hawkestone is expected to marry well. But, having grown up with warring parents, the institution holds little appeal. The trick, she realizes, is to marry for love—a task that’s easier said than done. Only while Helen is raising funds for her do-gooder sister’s orphanage does she meet a man who arouses her curiosity. Lowborn and yet so dignified that Helen can’t help but try to elicit a response, Clary Homeward is an enigma—a heart-stopping, body-stirring, forget-her-social-upbringing enigma.

A single offense against a noblewoman such as Lady Helen would ruin a man like Clary. Her sister, Marisa, rescued him from hellish poverty and employs him with her charity work. Try as he might to push her away, Helen tempts him to want things he could never have. But when girls from the orphanage start disappearing, destined for a grim fate Clary knows all too well, Helen insists on helping. And soon Clary wonders whether something more were not just possible but inevitable—even right.