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Bron's News

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2 days ago

I decided to have my morning tea break this morning. I'm well into writing my SLOW RIDE book in my Drive Me Wild series, and the words are flowing.

Brandy and Duke, my two little Cavoodles, love morning tea too. So today I got out the new game I'd bought for Brandy yesterday. Brandy is more Poodle and very intelligent. Well, she loved her game of having to work out how to move the pieces to get to the treats underneath.

Whereas Duke, more Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and not so bright, loved his Kong!

A happy time was had by all because I got to sip my cup of tea and eat my biscuit in peace.
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6 days ago

Come and join the fun over at the Corset Club Historical Romance Readers Group. Loads of interesting posts, games and PRIZES to be won from many authors.

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1 week ago

I'm writing the third book in the Drive Me Wild series set in Bad Boy Autos. SLOW RIDE is a 'friends with benefits' story. It's complicated further because my heroine STELLA is the best friend of my hero's MARCUS sister.

I like stories of couples who are already lovers but one decides they want more. It's fraught with angst - will they lose the friendship? What if one of them has their heart broken? How does love really develop between two people.

Here's a scene which sums up the pain of a FWB relationship...

Her tone softened. “I know what the end of your career meant to you. I know how long it took you to recover. I was there, remember? But look at you now. You love Bad Boy Autos. It’s a tremendous success. And you don’t need the title of world champion race car driver to attract the women. They drop into your bed on a smile.”
“The masseuse didn’t,” he muttered under his breath.
“Well, more fool her.”
“You didn’t join me in the shower, either.”
He waited for the usual snappy, edgy reply, but it never came. He looked at her. His gut clenched. “Why didn’t you join me in the shower? Why aren’t we in your bed right now? Neither of us brought a date to this wedding.”
“I need another drink.” She made her way inside and he heard the ice cubes clank. Something was up with his Stella. His Stella? When had she become his Stella? He rose and followed her inside.
“Have you met someone?” Her back stiffened at his words, and for one moment he feared the worse.
He let out the breath he’d been holding. “Then what’s up?” She wasn’t the same. Normally she’d have him out of this robe, naked on the bed and straddled before he’d dried himself off from the shower. Hell, she would have been with him in the shower down on her knees…
She turned to face him. Shit. He knew instantly he wouldn’t like what she had to say.
“I think it’s time we called an end to our friends with benefits arrangement.”
Yip. Something was definitely up, and it wasn’t his dick. “Why?” What he should ask himself was why the idea of Stella not being his friend with amazing benefits made him feel like his world was ending. But he wasn’t drunk enough to face himself.
“The view is beautiful on the balcony.” She took his hand and led him back outside. “Besides, you need to be sitting down for this. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
“Try me,” he insisted.
Shielding her eyes from the setting sun, she sighed. “I blame your sister.”
“What’s Kendra got to do with this?”
“She’s happy. She and Tom… their children, Conner and Matti. They are so happy together.” She turned to him with tears welling in her eyes. “I don’t know if I’ve ever been as content as they are. But I know I want to experience what they have. I want that someone special. Marriage and children even.”
He swallowed slowly. “Are you telling me you want the white picket fence and happy families? I thought we both agreed there was no such thing?”
“Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe if you find the right person...”
If she wasn’t looking so teary and serious he would have laughed. Right person! Yeah, right. There was no such thing. Her movie producer father was onto wife number five or was it six, and his father… His parents didn’t even share the same bedroom, let alone the same bed—hadn’t for years. God knows how he and Kendra were ever conceived.

Do you like friends to lovers stories? If so why?

Slow Ride - Pre-order today

Marcus Black, the ex-Formula One world champion, battles daily with the pain from the injuries he received in his career ending crash. The only way he copes is with a regular diet of booze, bills and women. Rich, charismatic, and hot as sin, to others his life looks perfect. But one woman knows better. His Stella. His sexy as hell, long-term friend with benefits. Only one problem… She’s put an end to their arrangement just when he needs her the most.

Stella Perry has it all. A trust fund large enough to last several lifetimes and men who flock to her at the bat of her eyelashes. With parent’s who have married multiple times, marriage has never been on her radar—until now. But she’s made a huge mistake. She’s fallen for Marcus, her friend with benefits, a man who thinks LOVE is a dirty word. Her sole option is to walk away. Only now he needs her help to beat his opiate addiction. She’ll help, but then it really is over. Although his sexy smile and sinful body make keeping her vow to walk away virtually impossible…
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So looking forward to this book.

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