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2 days ago

Reckless Curves: Bad Boy Autos - Drive me Wild Book #1 $2.99 until release, then $4.99 - a brother's best friend, secret baby sexy romance....


“You look different tonight,” Tom said as he took the chair Stella had vacated.

“I’m celebrating.” At his raised eyebrow Kendra added, “Today I signed to be a backup singer for James Tan.”

His grin widened. “Way to go. I knew you could do anything you set your mind to.”

She wanted to hug him just for those words. At sixteen when she’d been declared in remission, he’d been the one to tell her, that you shouldn’t let anyone stop you from reaching for your dreams. He’d never treated her as the sickly, weak, fragile girl most people saw when they looked at her.

He signaled for the waitress. “A bottle of your finest champagne.”

She couldn’t help herself. “Aren’t you scared Marcus might see us talking.”

“Even he won’t mind me helping you celebrate such a milestone. Besides he looks as if his mind is elsewhere.”

She tore her gaze from Tom and looked at her handsome brother. Yip, Stella was working her magic. Her best friend could make guys beg for just a smile and it appeared Marcus was no different.

“I’m waiting for Marcus to see you are here, and wonder how you got into the bar.” Her face heated. “I suspect with you looking like that, the bouncer didn’t really look at your ID very closely,” Tom added with a naughty grin on his lips.

“Are you going to tell on me?”

He leaned closer. “I’d be stupid to do that. I’d rather ask for a reward for not ruining your evening.”

This time it was her lips forming a naughty grin. “Reward?”

Tom winked. “A kiss should seal my lips.”

They had flirted like this hundreds of times before. Tonight, she wasn’t going to back down. “For the kiss I’ll give you, you most definitely want your lips unsealed.”

Tom threw a glance over his shoulder. She followed his gaze and saw Marcus was no longer standing there. Nor was Stella.

“I like how you think,” and he took her chin between his fingers and slowly lowered his lips to hers.

OMG he’s finally going to kiss me. She held her breath.

When his lips touched Kendra’s, her whole body caught fire. She moved closer, lifting her hand into his hair, bringing them closer so their chests touched. He deepened the kiss, slowly parting her lips, before driving his tongue into her mouth, sweeping and swirling his tongue with hers. She’d never experienced a kiss like it. She’d dreamed of kisses from Tom … reality blew her imaginings out of the water. His kiss was filled with such passion, if she’d been standing her legs wouldn’t have held her up. She put her whole self into returning fire with fire, showing him what was in her heart.

When they parted, she knew one kiss would never be enough.

“Be mine for tonight. Only tonight, that’s all I have,” he breathed in her ear.

She couldn’t talk, speechless with victory. She merely nodded.

“Let’s get out of here,” and with her hand swallowed by his very large one, they left the bar.

This was her night.

Their night.
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4 days ago


In NZ lock down is on from today, we all have to stay home and all but essential services are open, so .... not much of a change for me as I work from home. BUT I do feel for those like my sister who can't work from home as she works for an optometrist. She will at least get 80% of her wages each week. Still it's a drop when you only work 20 hours a week (she relief teaches the rest of the time but of course schools are closed).

I suspect there are many of you out there who are facing wage drops and who knows how long this will last.

So, to help I've copied a link below of a boxed set ebook you can read for FREE. WICKED WAGERS The Complete Trilogy.


Feel free to share
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1 week ago

All I can say of these times is - thank goodness for eReaders and eBooks!

What are you reading at the moment?

Me, I'm going over my editors edits for Purr For Me: Bad Boy Autos - Drive Me Wild series book#2

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2 weeks ago

AbsolutelyArt by Simini Blocker 💖📚 ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

I've been quiet lately as I've been a bit under the weather with a cold. It's coming into autumn here and the flu season. But I'm starting to feel better and I'm back writing The Seduction of Lord Sin.

Did I show you the cover? Not up for pre-order yet as I've lost a couple of weeks of writing, but I promise by the end of 2020 it will be releases!


Widowed Lady Charlotte Dexter married for duty as all good ladies are taught to do. Love is for the poets, not for the peerage. Now, with her elderly husband dead, it’s time to marry again. Charlotte wants—needs—children. Given that she’s no longer a blossoming flower, her pool of likely husbands is growing ever smaller. So, she studies the current batch of ton bachelors, those she knows are looking for a wife, and decides to hold a party at her estate. The catch? This party is for men only, and at week’s end, one of her guests will be her fiancé.

Marcus Roberts, Duke of Sinclair, or Sin to his friends, has no idea why he agreed to accompany his friend to Lady Charlotte’s house party. Known as the ton’s most notorious rake, Sin is decidedly bored with the season’s entertainments. So he’s highly amused to realize the beautiful but eccentric Lady Charlotte has organized a husband hunting party, and he settles in to see what poor cretin is caught. But as he gets to know Charlotte, suddenly the idea of any of these men marrying her stirs the jealous beast. But is he willing to relinquish his bachelor ways to secure the fair lady’s heart?
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