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Excerpts : Baby It's Hot Outside Boxed Set

Excerpts : Baby It's Hot Outside Boxed Set

A fabulous collection of sexy Down Under summer Christmas romances. Hot sun and hotter men, friends to lovers, reunion stories and more. Come visit a world of hot, sultry kisses and long, lazy days in the sun. It’s Christmas Down Under and just another day at the beach!

Fast Track To Love This Christmas
By Bronwen Evans

Bronwen Evans is a USA Today Bestselling Author who lives in New Zealand with her Cavoodles Brandy and Duke. She’s set this Christmas romance in her home town of Havelock North, a hero for her heroine, but he’s a visitor from the USA… Bron hopes a hero like Sully comes calling soon… 

Kara turned and dangled the keys to the Jaguar in her fingers. “She’s in good working order, but she’s, as you say, vintage. But then you’re a mechanic should she get temperamental.”

“I can handle temperamental,” and he moved closer.

“I’m sure you can.”

He moved closer again. “This lunch tomorrow. Shall I pick you up in the Jag? If so what time? And is it casual?”

She swallowed back the desire to run her hand down the muscled chest that was only inches from her. “It’s at a winery, outdoors, so it will be hot. A hat and smart casual will do. It’s in aid of a charity that raises money for a primary school lunch programme for the lower decile schools in Hawke’s Bay.”

“That sounds like a good cause. Is primary school little kids? Elementary school we call it in the States. I didn’t know NZ had such poverty.”

“Most countries do, don’t they? Primary school is from five until about ten years of age. How can we expect kids to sit and learn when they’re starving. And if they don’t learn we can’t defeat the poverty cycle.”

He reached out and ran a finger down her cheek. “It sounds like you’re quite passionate about this. It’s a fabulous cause. Anything that can help kids rise out of poverty gets my vote.”

She shivered at his touch. This man was turning her insides out with just a smile. Slow down, girl. Don’t go getting real feelings for this man. He’s not a keeper. “I’m on the charity board.” She didn’t mention the charity was her baby. She’d built it up from nothing with a group of deep pocketed and time rich likeminded people. “Yeah, I am completely passionate about this. Loads of kids didn’t have the fortunate upbringing I had, and I want to help even the score.” Her ex had said she was wasting her time. She would prove him wrong.

“The world needs more people like you.” The warmth in his eyes made her bottom lip tremble. “What time shall I pick you up outside the hotel? Or do you live elsewhere?”

“I live on the top floor of the hotel, the opposite end to your suite. So let’s say 11.30am as I need to be there by 12pm and it’s about a twenty-minute drive.” She really should move away from the car but her feet wouldn’t step away from him. Finally, she said keeping her voice light, “Have a good day. Remember to drive on the left,” and she skipped round him and headed back to the elevator. Once again she could feel his eyes following her every step.

For one fleeting moment she wished Sully wasn’t stirring her senses so much. He was the first man in a long time who affected her this much. She was beginning to hate the fact he would be leaving and that was dangerous. Why did she always fall for the wrong men?

Fall? Nope. No way. Never. Fun was what she wanted.

Only fun.


Something In The Water
By Kendra Delugar

This summer, Kendra Delugar has brought one of her gorgeous Colorado men to the beautiful beaches of Northland, New Zealand. In this friends to lovers story, Mason and Rory discover that it’s impossible to resist the allure of Christmas and each other.

Rory indicated Mason should take the cooler with two bags of groceries balanced on top. She followed with the rest. 

They worked out a system of sorts whereby she handed him things and he put them away. Some were an utter mystery. I mean what the hell did you do with orzo? Others he knew but, really, how many red chilis could one man use? And yet others again, like the Corona Extra and limes were hugely appreciated. Finally, they were down to the last bag. Mason put out his hand and was given one, two, three packs of condoms. 

“Christ,” he muttered, dropping them on the bench, “what do you think I plan to get up to here?” 

“I know you, Daniel Mason.” Rory slapped one more pack in his hand, and after folding the last bag, started to head out. “All the keys you need are on that key-ring, including the ones for the sheds. The barbecue grill will be in the extension out back or one of those sheds, and I told my brothers to make sure there was enough gas. Other than that, if you get stuck come and find me. I’m in the aqua bach next door. ‘Sea-foam,’” she air-quoted with a snort. “Mom thought it sounded pretty.”   

He tried not to smile and failed. It was the first one he’d given in to in weeks.  

As silence descended, he looked down at the pack of condoms in his hand and noticed the L printed on the box. “Large?” he yelled. “That’s damned complimentary of you.” He could have left it there, but didn’t. “The size of my cock been on your mind, has it?”  

Rory turned with a dry look. “Don’t flatter yourself.” 

His smile ramped up into a smug-as-fuck grin. “I’ve gotta say, this—” he shook the packet “—makes it kind of hard not to.” 

She shrugged. “The Aspen bars are full of tipsy snow bunnies, Mason, many of whom you know in a biblical sense, and they all talk.” 

“Jesus!” He didn’t know whether to be amused by the thought or mortified. If it had been any other woman he may have been mortified, but considering this was Rory he settled for amused.  

He took both sets of keys, house and car, and placed them on a side-table next to a bowl of sea-glass, then walked over to the French doors. He’d go and look for the deck chairs later, but right now he pulled one of the armchairs up the door sill. The soft ocean breeze and gentle sound of waves breaking against the shore was remarkably soothing. 

Yeah, there was solitude enough down this end of the bay. 

He’d grab an ice-cold beer once the fridge had done its job, but for now he closed his eyes and let the rigors of the long-haul flight – and his own bad temper of late – take him under.  


His lips curved. 


A Christmas Retreat (Falling for the Colonel’s Daughter)
By Sofia Grey

Sofia Grey has published over thirty romances on Amazon. Her ‘A Christmas Retreat’ novella is the first in a new series set in a gorgeous New Zealand beachside village. Aroha Sanctuary is a place where wounded soldiers can recover from their injuries. They don’t go there to fall in love…

“Do you have any idea how it feels to throw yourself at a man and have him turn you down?” There was the slightest waver in her voice. “Not just any man, but one you’ve longed to meet for over ten years.”

“Gabby…” He clung to his control by the slimmest of margins. “You’re beautiful inside and out. And I want you. Believe me.”

“But? I can tell there’s a giant freakin’ but coming this way.” She placed her fingers on his lips. “No. Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.” She huffed a breath. “You’re probably used to this—to women throwing themselves at you. You must have your pick of them. Be fighting ’em off, I guess.”

Yeah, nah. He tried to speak, but she kept her fingers in place.

“No,” she said. “I’m sorry you don’t want me. It’s your loss.”

Damned right, it was.

It looked as though she’d run out of words. Jack wriggled free and held her hands. They were soft against his calloused paws. He couldn’t resist stroking them with his thumbs. “My turn.”

He waited, and she nodded.

“So”—he cast around for what to say—“I would be an idiot to turn you down, and my parents didn’t raise a stupid child, but I’ll tell you this. You deserve better. Better than a quick fuck on the sofa. Better than a guy who’s planning to fly thousands of miles away in a couple of weeks.”

“I know when to quit,” she said. “But will you do one thing first?”

As long as he didn’t have to let go of her hands. “What?”

“Kiss me. One kiss. We may have terrible chemistry. Our teeth may clack together, and I may hate your tongue in my mouth.”

His stomach clenched at the idea, but she hadn’t finished.

“And if it doesn’t work for either of us, no harm, no foul. I won’t throw myself at you ever again. This entire conversation can be forgotten.”

Nope. He’d never forget this. Every second of it was burned into his memory.


“Okay.” Somehow he’d agreed to kiss Gabby. One kiss. It would be a kiss for the record books. He’d make damned sure of that.


Summer Santa
By Kris Pearson

Kris Pearson has published several sexy multi-book series on Amazon. Her ‘Summer Santa’ novella takes you back to Scarlet Bay where the last Wynn sister – shy, reserved Becca – finally comes out of her shell with surprising results.

Becca pulled smoothly onto the road and turned for home. “Would you rather we went shopping? We could do that this afternoon instead of the plants?”

Mack tilted his head back onto the head-rest. His eyes were closed and his expression defeated. “Love to, but I can’t see myself hopping around and managing to try anything on in this condition. Especially in the Christmas crowds.”

“Yes, I guess it would be difficult on crutches,” she conceded. And then, before she could lose her nerve, she said, “When we get home, you could try on a pair of boot-leg jeans I’ve never worn. I’m tall. They might fit? I bought them online and the waist is a bit low or big, or something…” She trailed off. He’d think she was mad.

Suddenly his grey-eyed twinkle was back, and he licked the corner of his mouth. “Didn’t think I’d be getting into your pants so easily, honey!”

“If you weren’t hurt, I’d give you a whack for that,” she retorted, thrilled he didn’t seem offended or weirded out. A delicious warm sensation buzzed between her legs. Just the mention of getting into her pants had been enough…


Her Christmas Star
By Annie Seaton

Annie Seaton loves writing beach stories. She has published many beach series set down under. Her hot ‘Her Christmas Star’ novella takes you to the movie star playground of Sarnia Bay,  where Lisa, jobless and broke, encounters the sexy actor Julien Joubert, the man of her dreams, with an unexpected result.

The characters Julian played were always jumping in and out of bed with women; beautiful women, Lisa thought wryly. He wouldn’t be thinking of her that way. Plain Lisa in her trackies and stained T-shirt.

But Julien’s voice was soft and kind, and she couldn’t look away as he lifted his hand and gently brushed his fingers across her uninjured cheek.

‘We both have a need, and I believe that we can fulfill that need and be of use for each other. I will pay you and pay you well. You won’t have to worry about money, and you won’t have to worry about where you will live.’

My God! Out of the frying pan into the fire, she thought.

Lisa let out a huff and folded her arms across her chest. Okay, so she’d made the wrong choice with Guy. No matter how desperate she was, and no matter how attractive Julien’s offer was, she would not do that.

‘I am not that sort of person,’ she said stiffly.

‘Shall I explain what I need before we go to my car?’

Her eyes widened, and she fought to stop her mouth dropping open.

What he needed!

Lisa sat straight and was about to protest again when Julien lowered his voice. As he explained his situation, mortification filled her. How could she have ever thought that his proposal was one of a sexual arrangement. She had come within seconds of making an utter fool of herself for the second time in one night.


Red Dirt Christmas
By Susan Bellamy

Susanne Bellamy loves single malt whisky, is a new convert to Aussie gin, and enjoys travelling with her husband, both around Oz and (one day soon, she hopes) overseas. ‘A Red Dirt Christmas’ is set in one of the small Aussie towns she loves to write about. With over 25 books and several series, her stories are sensual and real.

Digging deep for her anger, needing it to protect herself, Penny’s gaze found Nick’s and she hit him with a glare hot enough to fuel a solar cell for a year. ‘What do you call blindsiding me with that contract stuff? Forcing me to stay in this house with you is guerrilla tactics.’

He cupped her heel while his free hand began kneading her instep and the ball of her foot, exactly where she craved his touch.

A groan of pleasure welled up within her and spilled over before she could catch it.

‘Call it what you like, if that’s what it takes to keep you safe. And yes, I thought you’d have thoroughly read your contract before signing it. I thought you knew you were staying at Rhodadale and were happy about it.’

The hand holding her heel slid over her ankle and kept going. It pushed up beneath her jeans and his fingers dug into her calf, massaging just hard enough to distract her from the pain of her throbbing toe. And soft enough to elicit a string of feelings that zipped through gratitude for the distraction straight to desire. She needed him. Craved him more than her next breath, which slipped beyond her reach when he touched her like that.

Dear God, she’d missed his touch, missed him. This was why she hadn’t wanted to come. He slipped under her guard so easily because she craved him so much. ‘This isn’t safe.’

‘Of course it is, unless—’ He waited until her eyes opened and met his again. When had she closed them?


‘Unless you still want me. Do you, Pen?’

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