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Invitation To Pleasure

Invitation To Pleasure

Book 3.5: Invitation To Series

Book #3.5 in the Invitation To series due EARLY 2020…

It’s Christmas eve and Lady Rosaline Marsh has snuck to the Earl of Hascombe’s estate to take back her colt, Llamrei. The stallion was a gift from her grandfather, and her father had no right to sell him. With her Grandfather dead she has no proof the horse belongs to her, and with her father’s incessant need for money… he’s already taken her late mother’s jewellery so she can no longer ask his lordship if she can simply buy her stallion back. Besides, the colt is highly prized, and she doubts the Earl would sell the colt back to her even if she begged.

Unfortunately for Rosaline, Daniel Kerrick, Baron de Winter, would rather spend time in the stables than in his brother-in-law’s drawing room. Daniel’s sister, Lady Hascombe, keeps trying to marry him off, and at three and twenty he is too young. He wants to concentrate on building up his cavalry horse stud. At the stables Daniel catches Rosaline trying to take the fiery stallion and thwarts her well laid plan. To her surprise, instead of handing her over to the magistrate, he suggests they talk to Lord Hascombe about this mess. Daniel owns a horse stud and is just as passionate about horses as Rosaline. He recognises a kindred spirit—Rosaline has the touch. Horses respond to her.

However, Rosaline can’t risk his suggestion. What if his lordship says no—or worse still, tells her father what she’s been up to….

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