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Andorra Man

OMG – this is so true. I still refer to this man a girlfriend, Derryn, and I saw when we were on holiday in Andorra many years ago as the ‘man’ to marry. He was 6 foot 4 inches of HOTNESS, handsome as sin, and he had his little girl on his shoulders and he was proudly holding his wife’s hand as they strolled through Andorra.
If you’ve been to Andorra you know it’s just one main street in a hilly town on the border between France and Spain.
At one stage, they stopped to look in a shop window and he drew her hand to his lips and kissed it  SIGH. 
Derryn and I still look at each other when a good looking guy passes by, and we both go ‘Andorra Man! We measure all men against the Andorra sexy as hell ‘family’ man.
I tried to go through my travel photo’s to find a picture of him but I couldn’t find one. So I found one that is his likeness.
My favorite TV family man is RICHARD CASTLE. I love the relationship he has with his daughter and his mother.
I guess that’s why I loved writing Philip Flagstaff, Earl of Cumberland in A LOVE TO REMEMBER. He treats Rose’s son, Drake, like his own, and it’s obvious he loves the little boy. You have to admire him for that.
Who do you measure all men against? I suspect for most of you it will be your partner/husband!!!! And I think that is wonderful.
Post a picture of your Andorra Man…
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Andorra Guides
Andorra Guides
5 years ago

One main street? I know Andorra is small, but it’s not THAT small. Andorra is also home to the worlds largest ski resort, with many other ski mountains as well. 2 mountain bike parks, a UNESCO world heritage site, numerous lakes and much more.

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