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A Visit To Random House NY

IMG_0521Have you ever been inside a publishing house? I imagined what it would be like. I pictured books lining walls and people reading submissions to find the next Harry Potter or Fifty Shades of Gray. I was pretty close.

In late July I went to New York for the Romance Writers of America conference and I received an invitation from my publisher, Random House, to have a tour of their offices. I jumped at the chance.

It was almost exactly how I pictured it to be. Here is a photo of the entrance foyer of the building. Books lined both sides of the foyer and there was a welcome board next to the security desk with one of my books on it!

Security was tight, I suprandomhouseteamsarahpose you can’t have people walking in and stealing manuscripts!

I got taken up to the 22nd floor which is where the Loveswept editors, marketing team, strategic analysis, team production guys, copy-editors and cover designers are all housed. It was amazing getting to meet the team and ask them questions. What exactly does a production manager do, for instance.

A production manager actually lays out your manuscript so it can be made into different eBook formats and ensures it works perfectly in any device. The strategy team monitor sales and channels and look to see what is working for your book and what isn’t.

Each person’s desk and shelves were covered in books, I wanted to stay and browse all day! One of the fun areas to see and to talk with, were the staff in the cover art area. Boy, that job sounds so much fun. They get to look at hot bods all day and dream up beautiful, sexy, emotional covers.

Finally they took us to their conference room which was also lined with books. They let us ask as many questions as we liked over nibbles and wine, and I found it incredibly interesting. It must be really hard to get one of these types of jobs because I bet staff turnover is very low! I couldn’t think of doing anything I’d enjoy more, perhaps writing!

Below is a picture of Sue, my editor for my Disgraced Lords series, and I, in the boardroom.

If you ever have the chance to get a tour of a publishing house, grab it. You’ll be awed and amazed at the talented people and the history and love of books and story-telling housed within.

    SueandIat RHNY

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