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Pre-Order July 2021

Slow Ride : Bad Boy Autos - Drive Me Wild #3

Slow Ride : Bad Boy Autos - Drive Me Wild #3

Friends with benefits never ends well—or does it?

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Bronwen Evans, comes her latest sexy contemporary romance! A friends-with-benefits romance with her best friend’s elder brother, set in Bad Boy Autos.

Marcus Black, the ex-Formula One world champion, battles daily with the pain from the injuries he received in his career ending crash. The only way he copes is with a regular diet of booze, bills and women. Rich, charismatic, and hot as sin, to others his life looks perfect. But one woman knows better. His Stella. His sexy as hell, long-term friend with benefits. Only one problem… She’s put an end to their arrangement just when he needs her the most.

Stella Perry has it all. A trust fund large enough to last several lifetimes and men who flock to her at the bat of her eyelashes. With parent’s who have married multiple times, marriage has never been on her radar—until now. But she’s made a huge mistake. She’s fallen for Marcus, her friend with benefits, a man who thinks LOVE is a dirty word. Her sole option is to walk away. Only now he needs her help to beat his opiate addiction. She’ll help, but then it really is over. Although his sexy smile and sinful body make keeping her vow to walk away virtually impossible…

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Oct 2021

Baby It's Hot Outside : A Christmas Down Under

Baby It's Hot Outside : A Christmas Down Under

Seasonal Summer Multi-Author Novella Collection

Want a Christmas in the sun?

100% pure SUMMER Christmas.

Come Down Under for a hot and steamy SUMMER festive season.

Escape those winter blues with 12 summer Christmas novellas. 

A fabulous collection of sexy Down Under summer Christmas romances. Hot sun and hotter men, friends to lovers, reunion stories and more. Come visit a world of hot, sultry kisses and long, lazy days in the sun. It’s Christmas Down Under and just another day at the beach!.

Join USA Today bestselling authors, Bronwen Evans and Joanne Dannon with ten of their fellow Australasian authors. Warm your heart, and maybe a little bit more, too, with twelve never before published sexy novellas of Down Under lovin’ in the Christmas sun. On the beaches of Australia and in New Zealand’s wine country, it’s nothing but summer loving for Christmas this year. So if you’re feeling a little chilly, pour a glass of wine or a hot mug of cocoa, curl up on the couch, and enjoy!

  • Twelve standalone novellas (never before published)
  • 99c Pre-Order Price rising to $4.99 week of release
  • Only available until the end of January 2022 – get your copy today!

Twelve perfect indulgences to get you in the Christmas spirit:

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What's Happening

READ EXCERPTS ALL IN ONE PLACE. I have found a fabulous new tool! Now you can visit my Facebook Page and read the first few chapters of any of my books!

A Scot for Christmas my novella in the Christmas in
Kilts – A Highland Holiday Boxed Set finaled in the RWNZ
Koru Published Book Awards.

A Scot for Christmas my novella in the Christmas in
Kilts – A Highland Holiday Boxed Set finaled in the
Holt Medallion Contest

From the Blog
Author Bronwen Evans

SALE – Reckless Curves 99c

Published: May 30, 2021

The Drive Me Wild series is proving to be very popular. Set in Bad Boy Autos, think Fast and Furious but nothing illegal, The team at bad boys all need a little loving. Book #1 in the series is RECKLESS [...]

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7 hours ago

I finally typed THE END to the edits of SLOW RIDE - Bad Boy Autos, Drive Me Wild book #3 releasing July 7th! Great feeling. There is nothing like finishing a story.

I'm resting today and celebrating, then on to the novella in the Drive Me Wild series - Sully's story, a Christmas Novella set in New Zealand, Fast Track To Love - Drive Me Wild book #4. The American feels a little bit out of place in little Havelock North NZ but Kara makes him feel very welcome....

It will be published in the Baby It's Hot Outside: A Christmas Down Under Box Set 99c pre-order special. 12 Christmas novellas set in Australasia. Sounds fab to me!
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2 weeks ago

It's Friday here in NZ, my favourite F word and I'm on book deadline. Just putting the finishing touches to SLOW RIDE book#3 in my Drive Me Wild Series. Have you bought RECKLESS CURVES book #1? It's on sale for 99c. buff.ly/2SkaKP0 ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Okay my American readers and friends. I need some help in 'sayings' or 'words' used in USA.

Is your main seating area in your house called the living room?

If your car needs mechanical work do you take it to the 'garage' what do you call mechanical place where you get your car fixed?

If you live in an apartment, is your car in the car park or garage or basement? What do you call the area under the apartment building where you park your car?
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1. Living room. 2. garage or mechanic 3. Parking garage.

What she said. #2 can be garage or mechanic -- or dealer, if that's where you have the car maintained.

I use “living room”, I take my car to the “shop”, and I usually call it a “parking garage”

Living room or family room. Some homes have both. In this case, the living room is for entertaining and the family room is a more informal area. To make things more complicated, in some areas of the country they call the living room “the parlor” and the more informal room can be called a living room, family room, or den. A den is usually a smaller room for private family use. To provide context, I grew up in a house with just a living room. My southern grandparents had a formal parlor in the front of their house and an informal den (family room) in the back of the house. The formal parlor did not have a television, but the den had a television and stereo. My aunt and uncle had a formal living room on the main floor, a large family room in the basement, and a small den for their own private use on the second floor. Probably more info than you were asking for!! Garage, mechanic, repair shop, or “the shop.” Parking garage, but if it is for a single car, just garage.

Main seating area - living room is too formal if family/friends. It’s be the family room. For the car, it’d be garage if it was or the shop. And for apartment parking, it can be ‘parking’ if in outside area near building, garage, or ‘tuck-away’ if it was like next to your apartment (under the building) but not a cloeable single garage (these are like parking spot under the building but no door) - had one in my last apartment.

1.In older homes there is a living room which is formal and a family room which isn’t as formal. Newer home are doing away with living rooms/family rooms and moving to a great room which is larger and opens up to the kitchen and an eating area less formal than a dining room. 2. I guess I would call it a garage or going to a mechanic. I think this is a bit difficult because we just call the place by its name. “Dobb’s” ( Dobb’s Auto Center) or “Comb’s”. (Comb’s Auto and Tire Center), so we don’t really call it anything like a garage. Everyone just knows you are taking your car to the auto mechanic. 3. If someone told me they were going to take the car to the garage I would think that was an odd way of saying they are parking the car in the garage attached to the house. If a person lives in an apartment complex (more of a city type apartment building), you would park in the parking garage. If you live in an apartment in a suburb or rural area you probably just park in a parking lot. Now, sometimes parking garages are in the basement of a building, but generally a basement in a building is used for storage, shelter during storms, they provide more space. Also, there are many places in the US where basements aren’t built. States like Texas and California do not have basements, so if you write about a basement make sure they are common in the area of the country in which your story takes place.

1. Yes. Living room. 2. Car dealership. 3. Don’t live in apartment.

1. Living room 2. Mechanic 3. Parking garage

If it’s a very small apartment or house, then the rooms are usually very small too. I lived in a small country farm house and it was 1 bedroom , living room, galley kitchen, extremely tiny bathroom and basement and I parked the car in the front, off the driveway. Small apartment I once lived was 375 sq feet 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living room and I parked the car in the drive. When I have my truck/car maintenance done I take it to the dealer (where I purchased it) or the shop (reputable mechanic that’s much cheaper vs dealer) Or I have my brother in-law work on my vehicle and I just say that I’m going to see my sis so, my bil can do some work on my vehicle 😊

Living room or Front room, take the car to the shop to get fixed, and parking garage. If it's a small suburban apartment, they might park right on the street, or in a lot in the back.

Living room.

I say. “The car place”. And I say “family room “ and for car parking I say “driveway “ if it’s an open parking. If it has a door i call it “the garage”.

They used to lay the dead out in the Parlors. So a magazine got the idea of advertising decorating a Living Room (instead of a dying room). That's been what it's called since seating for guests and family get togethers. A Den is a private family room with a emphasis on TV, games and other relaxed pursuits. You take your car to the Shop or Mechanic. Or the Dealer ( where you bought it). You would park it in Apartments in covered parking, which means there's a roof over it but it's not enclosed or a garage, which usually means it's enclosed with a garage door. When it's open the Apartment assigns you a parking space. This is what we have in California. Los Angeles to be exact. Oh some apartments have street parking only. You're on your own then. They are moving away from the apartments with the parking under the back end of the units because the Northridge Earthquake collapsed the buildings down on the parking spaces and killed a lot of people.

Some rooms are called dens or family rooms, less formal living room

It really depends on the part of the country you live in. In my area of the South (Mississippi), living room is the most common reference to the main public room of a home or apartment. Take your car to the shop. The shop is a general term used for a place to get something repaired; short for auto repair shop, appliance repair shop, etc. As for place to park your vehicle, garage is for an enclosed space you park, with or without a door; carport for a roof-covered open parking area, and at many apartment complexes, you will have a parking spot or space (used interchangeably), an alloted space in an open lot or in front or behind a townhouse. Residents have been known to go to war with space hogs (those who don't stay within the lines of a given space) and space stealers, those who don't belong who take your assigned or favorite spot (space). "You parked in my spot, MOVE!! And don't do it again! We take our parking seriously in the South!

The room in the front is the living room, but the room off the kitchen is the family room. The family room has the TV and it's where we tend to gather. Some homes are no longer built with a formal living room. Garage is the part of a home with an enclosure for a vehicle. It can also be under a housing or commercial building. There are standalone garages. If your vehicle is being serviced, the part of the building where it's serviced is called a garage, but you may be dropping the car off at the dealership, a service center, or an auto shop. The person who works on the car is a mechanic.

Living room, but that can be regional and depends on the home (if it actually has formal and informal rooms because a lot don't); mechanic or shop (garage is more regional, but I'd know what you meant based on context); parking garage if it's under the whole building, but I think most apartment buildings have either on-street parking, or they can have actual garages attached to the units depending on the type of apartment

Living room, the shop/mechanic, parking lot

Living room, shop, garage

Living room, shop ( although we say "car place" in our family LOL), Parking garage. (Parking lot is open air)

Living room/den, mechanic, parking lot. I've never actually lived in an apartment where they give u parking space UNDER your complex. And usually you get A space. But depending on the size of the complex there are other spaces. And depending on how nice/not nice your neighbors are your space is actually your space.

Living Room or Front Room , Garage , Driveway …

The main seating area toward the front of my house is the living room. We have a second, less formal area toward the back of the house that we refer to as the family room. Where I live (Chicago), many people would say their car is in the “shop” or “at the mechanic” if it’s getting repaired. The parking structure under apartments is usually referred to as the parking garage.

Living room, mechanic is what I call where I take the repair too and garage for parking

Different parts of the country call areas by different names. I'm basically on the line between the midwest and the south. We have a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, front and back porches. It's a house so driveway, garage, barns. As far as fixing cars if the Hubby or a friend can't do it they go to a mechanic/shop.

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