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The Release of The Seduction of Lord Sin

June 6th is rushing towards me and I’m so excited. This is my first full book, historical romance since 2019. A lot has happened over the past 2 years and I love that I have my muse back. The Seduction of Lord Sin features two wounded souls. My heroine, widowed Lady Charlotte, who has never experienced love, is looking to fulfil a dream of having a child. Lord Sinclair (Sin) is trying to protect his shatter heart while still reaching for an heir. And how can you mend a broken heart? How can you stop the rain from falling down?…

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Bronwen Evans
Bronwen Evans1 week ago
Aotearoa, New Zealand is celebrating our first official public holiday today for Matariki.

On June 24, 2022, Aotearoa will celebrate Matariki, the country’s first public holiday centred around Māori culture.

The reappearance of the Matariki stars signals the beginning of the Māori New Year. Matariki is a star cluster, not a constellation.

There are about 500 stars in the Matariki cluster, but only six or seven are visible without a telescope.

Matariki Hunga Nui means the many people of Matariki. It speaks to how Matariki calls people to gather together to remember and honour those we have lost since the last rising of Matariki.

The reappearance of Matariki in the morning sky during mid-winter coincided with a traditional ceremony called ‘whāngai i te hautapu.’ During this ceremony food was cooked and offered to the different whetū of Matariki while karakia (incantations) were conducted.
Bronwen Evans
Bronwen Evans2 weeks ago
Well, my start to the day was not good! Put my back out and can't bend at all! AND while hunting for my voltaren gel I found the car keys I lost a year ago and that cost me $890 to replace! So now I have 3 sets of keys...

But this lovely review of THE SEDUCTION OF LORD SIN cheered me up....

"Starting a new Bronwen Evans book is always an emotional experience for me, with stories that are forever touching my heart, with the kind of love that makes life worthwhile. Filled with wonderful, interesting characters that are unique, complex, and that have a way of wrapping themselves around my heart.

Every scene, every word written, every piece of the puzzle, that I want to get answers to, played with my emotions.

I felt their joy, their heartbreak, their loss, their attraction, and the love that emitted from the pages. I struggled to put this down just because I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

This was a beautiful romance, with a unique and totally different storyline, stunningly, beautiful, descriptions and characters that will completely captivate you. This is must read book you don’t want to miss."
Bronwen Evans
Bronwen Evans3 weeks ago
It's a cold Sunday morning here in NZ and this sums up the temperature! Winter storms are roaring through NZ. Funnily enough, I used this lady, as my picture inspiration for Lady Charlotte's character in THE SEDUCTION OF LORD SIN. Tough, soft on the inside, determined and gorgeous.

Reviews are still rolling in...

"5.0 out of 5 stars This book has it all: romance, suspense and drama"
" Simply Delightful!"
"Great Regency romance and intrigue"
"Riveting from the get-go"
Bronwen Evans
Bronwen Evans3 weeks ago
It was Duke's bath time this morning. Cold but sunny here today. Off to write once Duke leaves me alone.

This is where I'm up to with A LADY NEVER SURRENDERS...

Tiffany took the handkerchief Wolf handed her and wiped her tears. She would not waste a single tear on Sprat again. “You’ve won our wager. I can’t get the money off Sprat.”
“No. I haven’t. We wagered on who’s shares would rise in price the most, not on who made the most money that month. This wager had nothing to do with actually buying the shares. But I’m hoping I don’t need to win the wager for you to realize I'm courting you because I truly want you to become my wife. Would that be so terrible?”
If she didn’t get her money back, her bid for financial freedom would take quite a few years as she’d have to start all over again. Thankfully, Wolf had ensured she could, by promising her Mr. Lane services. Did he realize she’d have less choice if he didn’t help her? That it would make her situation worse and perhaps she’d be best to marry him? But that wasn’t the kind of man he was. He wanted to win her agreement to wed but honorably. Or he knows how desirable he is and is confident of you accepting his offer of marriage?
“I’ll consider your proposal, my Lord, if you can tell me why you want to marry me.”

Good question! Now I'm writing his answer...
Bronwen Evans
Bronwen Evans
Bronwen Evans3 weeks ago
🤩🥳It's so easy for an author to do a happy dance when readers love their book! This morning I woke up to this review on Goodreads for THE SEDUCTION OF LORD SIN. Now I don't really care what happens today...

“The Seduction of Lord Sin” is my first book by Bronwen Evans and it is a fantastic introduction to her superior writing talent and outstanding storytelling ability. It is an imaginative tale of a wealthy young widow of an elderly husband who hosts a house party for potential matches. Her plan is to select the best mate from among them, since most are known to need cash to sustain their lifestyle as well as an heir. When an uninvited guest, who the widow is immediately attracted to shows up, the story turns into a surprise romance with a murder mystery thrown in. The characters are lovable, very personable and take hold of the readers heart with a plot that doesn’t allow putting the book down. I highly recommend this book and urge you not to miss this one. Having received a free copy of this book via Booksprout, I have voluntarily left this review.

I hope you enjoy The Seduction Of Lord Sin too!
Bronwen Evans
Bronwen Evans3 weeks ago
I'm determined to stay excited the day after the release of THE SEDUCTION OF LORD SIN. The reviews have been wonderful, thank you. And to be in the top 50 of my genre is always a pleasure. Today I'm still celebrating, but back to writing #regencyromance A Lady Never Surrenders. I'm having so much fun writing this story about a group of ladies challenging their roles in society.

I hope you enjoy reading The Seduction Of Lord Sin, a regency suspense romance.

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