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Love Me is up for pre-order and is releasing on 13th February 2017. Chapter One is on my website.

Teaser Snippet:

Manhattan, NY.

“Hello, Tyler,” Emily said evenly. “It’s been a long time.”

“Not long enough.”

“It’s a pleasure to see you, too,” she retorted, stung by his nasty remark.

He studied her for one long, unhurried moment before seemingly dismissing what he saw, as though she was of no consequence.

Her face heated, angry that she let him affect her so much. She knew she wasn’t one of his usual bombshells, who plastered themselves to his side like a Band-Aid over a wound. Emily gathered her pride. Her breasts might be small, but they were real and nicely shaped—

Tyler’s sensual, yet direct voice startled her. “Why are you in New York?”

She should’ve been resistant to the affect he had on her, but it seemed as though he still had the power to melt her insides. Keep Calm. “I came to see Hayley, of course. She called me to come.”

“Called you?”

“She has all my contact info in her phone. Kids her age know their way around smartphones better than a blind man reads Braille.”

“Phone? What phone?”

“Her own. I gave her one in case she had an emergency and I pay the bill.” Tyler remained silent as she continued. “And she has an emergency. She hates it here. She begged me to come.”

Speaking of hate… Tyler’s expression was full of it. But even though he glared at her with his fabulous, stormy eyes, Emily wanted him. The wall of sheer animal charisma standing in front of her made her body heat.

He was male in the most primal sense of the word. She could smell the testosterone rising from him, and underneath it, the faint scent of some expensive cologne, which increased her awareness of the sexual tension that hummed in the small room.

A room with a bed.

Emily inwardly cursed her weakness. Her nipples hardened beneath her bra and she went rigid, deeply disconcerted by her strong reaction to the sensual charge emanating from Tyler.

Ignoring it, she said, “Hayley’s world has been turned upside down. She barely remembers her mother and she just lost her grandmother. She’s frightened of a new home. New York is so different than Coopers Creek and she doesn’t know anyone here except for you and Mrs. Clark. Hayley told me that Mrs. Clark is leaving next week. She also said that you’re parading nannies in front of her, which makes her think that you don’t want her.”

“That’s not true.” He cursed and sank down onto the edge of the bed. “Of course I want her.”

“I can just imagine the type of women you’re interviewing, and I hope you’ll remember the nanny is not there to look after your…needs. I’m sure the qualifications are totally different,” she said sarcastically, a touch of the green eyed monster rising sharply.

His gaze made her shiver. “Who’s looking after my needs is none of your business. But upsetting my niece is.”

She tried to take the high road and remain calm. “How have I upset your niece? She doesn’t even know I’m here.”

“Good. I want it to stay that way. She needs time to settle into her new surroundings and forget—”

“Forget?” Emily interjected angrily. “You don’t just forget someone because they die. Some people can’t switch off their emotions like you can. Some of us actually like having feelings, Tyler. And some of us actually want to be loved.” She snapped her mouth shut before she said something she’d regret. She wasn’t going to reveal her true feelings to him. How, after four years, he still stirred her heart.