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I’ve a new series starting. ADDICTED TO THE DUKE is releasing on 13 June and it’s book #1 in my IMPERFECT LORDS series.

The Imperfect Lords series is exactly as it sounds. Heroes who are not perfect, but perfect for their heroines. Imperfections aside, they are extremely loveable.

So what is Addicted To The Duke about?

Addicted to the Duke is the story of Alexander Sylvester Bracken, Duke of Bedford who is a man driven by his thirst for revenge. Kept as a slave by a Turkish slaver, turned into an opium addict, he is a wounded soul with demons chasing him. He thinks that killing his enemy will give him the peace he craves.

Lady Hestia Cary is in need of a hero to help save her father, who is lost in the Greek Islands. She can think of no one better than the man she hero worships, the Duke of Bracken. Alex saved her from a Turkish slaver when she was sixteen and he knows the Mediterranean better than any man. She is thrilled when he agrees to find her father hoping that on board ship she can show him how perfect they are for each other. Only her hopes are dashed when she learns Alex is more interested in revenge than finding love. Or is he?

Here is what the advanced readers are saying….

The story that follows is intense, there is action, adventure, steamy love scenes, betrayals, a hero with demons to fight, great secondary characters, pirates and finally a very hard earned HEA.

A perfect example of a historical romance taking you on a journey and leaving you breathless.

What a great start to what looks to be an enthralling series. This story is jam packed with action, adventure, and romance. Hestia and Alex were two very intriguing characters.

This is an epic drama of love, lies, self-control, suspense, surprises and secrets.

I read “Addicted to the Duke” in one day. I couldn’t put it down. I was glued to the pages of Alex and Hestia’s story, from the first page to the last. A must read Historical Romance. I can’t wait to read the book 2 in the “Imperfect Lords” series, they are certainly going to be, imperfect, flawed but oh so lovable. 

Available on all eBook platforms – AMAZON    NOOK     IBOOKS

Some fun facts about the book.

  1. A friend asked to use my computer and it was open on a page about opium withdrawal symptoms, which raised a few eyebrows.
  2. I had to research the likelihood of shark attacks in the Greek islands and found there is a shark attack register that goes back to the early 1800’s and that there was a fatal attack near the island of Corfu around the time my book is set. A nineteen-year-old British soldier was attacked and killed.
  3. I got the idea for this book from an old Tom Selleck movie called High Road to China. Have you seen it? I loved the movie.

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Here’s a teaser for you….

As with the rest of his life, Alex discovered that his willpower was sadly lacking when, just after one in the morning, he found himself in front of Hestia’s cabin door.

Torn by indecision, he leaned his forehead on the door and warred with himself.

There was a high probability that he would die in the coming days, so God, and David, could damn his soul to hell, but he wanted one night with Hestia, in his bed, where he was not in dreamland. He wanted a clear head to perfectly remember her touch. Her taste. Her scent. Her loving . . .

To remember that for one magical night she was his.

Selfishness, thy name is Alexander.

He quietly slipped inside, closing the door behind him. He leaned back against the hard wood, warmth spreading through his chest because Hestia was standing beside the porthole, her thin linen nightgown completely transparent. It took his breath away.

She turned to him. “Some prayers do get answered. I prayed you’d come.”

He crossed the room in two long strides, his arms reaching for her and pulling her tight against his chest as his lips found the bounty he’d been dying to taste all evening. Her soft lips moved under his, and when they parted to give him entrance, his knees almost buckled.

The kiss was hard, possessive, showing her that she belonged to him. Only him.

Finally she tore her mouth from his.

“You must have known I’d never choose David.”

His heart took flight. “And here I thought you were an intelligent girl.”

“Then why are you here?”

He bent down and tenderly kissed her lips. “I can’t run anymore. I’m so sick of denying my need for you.” He grimaced, not believing how easily he’d folded. The future, and the world beyond finding her father, beyond seeking his vengeance, dissolved, along with his resistance. Years of resistance, wasted years.

To deny his attraction for her had been futile from the start. The power she had over him was frightening. He belonged to this girl, body and soul, and he knew it. He could no longer refute his turbulent need for her.

And thank God, for whatever reasons, regardless of his continued remoteness and cold treatment of her, she’d chosen him. His whole body was trembling, he’d never experienced such driving need, he was only just holding on, one minute more and he’d devour her. He swallowed hard.

“You know I will still go after Murad. This night, and our wedding, will not change that.”
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Dear Readers

It’s Bronwen here, waving from a very hot New Zealand. It’s 35c (95f) today and you might say, so what, except here in NZ we don’t have air-conditioning in our homes. It rarely gets this hot and when it does it’s usually only for a few days at a time, but last night it was 25c all night and I didn’t sleep that well. Even my dogs didn’t want to sleep curled next to me!

9780425284230-200x292Anyway, speaking of hot…I have had some beta reader feedback for Addicted to the Duke my new Imperfect Lords series (out June 2017).

One beta reader had this to say….

I think you wrote a brilliantly and masterfully work of romance! Such feelings and emotions shown throughout this powerful and compelling story are hard to convey to readers.  But you managed it beautifully. Very impressive! 

However, some readers may not enjoy the steamy sensuality. Need to make sure they understand it is a hot, steamy romance.” 

P.S. I read this in one day. I couldn’t put it down. I was glued to the pages of Alex and Hestia’s story, from the first page to the last. 

I was surprised by  a couple of other beta readers’ comments on the hotness of the sex scenes as I don’t think Addicted to the Duke is any steamier than my Disgraced Lords stories.

So my question to you is….how hot is too hot? 

Love Me-200I also thought I’d let you know I’ve two new contemporary romances launching today. You can download the first 3 chapters of each to see what you think.

Love Me and Heal Me – book #1 and #2 in my Coopers Creek series.

Love Me is about Tyler Jeffries and Emily Stanford, and is a reunion story. Five years ago, Tyler blamed Emily for his sister Lizzie’s death and now Emily is back in his life as nanny for his niece Hayley. Read the blurb here.

Heal Me is about Ric Stanford, Emily’s older brother and Tyler’s business partner. He was in love with Lizzie and when she died he closed off. But now sexy vet, Kate is awakening more than just his sex drive, she testing the fortress he’s constructed around his heart. Read the blurb here.

There will be several more books in this series all based around Coopers Creek.

GIVEAWAY – Tell me what Tyler is not coping with and be in to win a copy of HEAL ME book #2 in my Heal Me-200new series.

Snippet from Love Me….

Tyler crossed his arms over his chest and the action drew the arms and shoulders of his gray Armani suit tight over his flesh. There was no hiding the fact that he was in fantastic shape. Turn me on, mouth-watering shape…stop that!

“What are these ground rules?”

Emily fought the rush of hormones his nearness sent flowing through her. “We are not a couple. There won’t be any kissing, touching, or anything of a romantic nature. And no overnight visitors for either of us. It wouldn’t be appropriate to have adult sleepovers in front of Hayley. Can you agree to that?”

The air suddenly crackled between them. Desire shimmered in Tyler’s eyes and Emily’s stomach dropped pleasantly as awareness of him threaded through her. However, she held her ground as she waited for his answer.

His gaze cooled. “Yeah. I agree. I didn’t plan on bringing women home. I haven’t since Hayley came to live with me. When I’m in need of company, I’ll go to her place.”

Emily’s heart thudded in her chest. “Are you involved with someone?”

His smug smile told her that he’d seen her jealousy. He shrugged. “It’s nothing serious. I don’t do serious.”

“No, you just do anything in a tight skirt with big tits,” Emily tossed back.

Amusing him hadn’t been her goal, but that’s exactly what happened. Tyler burst out laughing and put a hand on his stomach. Emily’s annoyance piqued and she turned away from him, heading for the door.

“Emily, wait!” Tyler said with a laugh. “C’mon. You have to admit that that was funny.”

Reluctantly, Emily turned back around to face him. His smile was too hard to resist and she let out a giggle. She’d never been able to keep a straight face when his laughter was genuine and it looked like that hadn’t changed. Damn it!

He sobered. “I promise not to bring anyone home.”

“I won’t, either. My dates will either drop me at the door, or I’ll go to their place,” Emily said.

Emily enjoyed watching his expression harden. “Are you seeing someone?”

She gave him a sidelong look. “Let’s just say that I’m not lonely.”

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